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Dr. Bismah of Holistic Advanced Kidney Care Center advocates a holistic approach to health that recognizes How Environmental Toxins Impact Our Health. Environmental toxins impact every part of life from air quality and drinking water quality to products we consume; while natural processes emit some potentially hazardous compounds into the atmosphere. Understanding their effect is fundamental to lead a more healthful lifestyle.

Environmental Toxins Are Real Threats: Various Hazards Affect Our Lives

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1. Airborne Pollutants

Exhaust emissions, industrial discharges and some cleaning agents all contribute to air pollution which aggravates respiratory systems while increasing risks such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

2. Water Contaminants

Though municipal water treatment facilities often filter out most impurities from drinking water supplies, trace amounts of lead, arsenic and chlorine may still exist in trace amounts; private wells could become at risk through agricultural runoff or industrial effluents that contaminate their supply of drinking water.

3. Chemical Toxins

Everyday life involves contact with many chemicals, among them agrochemicals such as pesticides used in agriculture, phthalates in plastics, and flame retardants in the furniture manufacturing sector.

Role of Toxins in the Health Status

Extended exposure to environmental toxins may damage multiple body systems:

Respiratory System

Airborne pollutants irritate and reduce oxygen exchange through our lungs, increasing inflammation and leading to lung infections such as pneumonia or asthma exacerbations – potentially even lung cancer! As such, they increase our risks for respiratory illnesses or cancer in general.

Cardiovascular System

Pollutants of the environment can damage the blood vessels and foster inflammation, which is responsible for heart disease and stroke.

Nervous System

Children who are exposed to various toxic metals, including lead and mercury, may have problems in cognition such as recollection of memories and learning abilities. Subsequently, there will be developmental issues.

Endocrine System

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals may cause an imbalance of hormone production and regulation, which subsequently affects the homeostasis of hormone systems, fertility, and metabolism. It may also contribute to the growth of certain cancers.


Our bodies depend on the kidneys as part of our natural detoxifying organs as they work day in and day out to expel the waste products and toxins from our bodies and when exposed to too much of these toxins, the kidneys may end up working overtime and reduce their ability to work well or they may become impaired.

Dr. Bismah emphasizes the significance of protecting kidney health. For additional guidance regarding improving kidney function please see here: How can we boost kidney function?

Detoxification Mechanisms in Your Body

Our bodies come equipped with their natural detoxification mechanisms that assist them in ridding themselves of potentially hazardous toxins such as: 

  • Liver: For removing harmful substances from the bloodstream.
  • Kidneys: For filtering toxins and waste from our bodies.
  • Skin: To eliminate toxins through perspiring.
  • Digestion System: To ensure efficient removal from our systems and lives.

Toxin Exposure Reduction Strategies

Toxin Exposure Reduction Strategies

Reducing exposure to environmental toxins may not always be feasible, but you can still take steps to decrease exposure: 

  • Improve Indoor Air: Install air purifiers and open windows to improve ventilation conditions. Thus, the indoor air quality will be enhanced.
  • Opt for Filtered Water: Create water filtration systems at home and enjoy cleaner drinking water.
  • Choose Organic: Overdoing organic fruits and vegetables will help you to avoid pesticides.
  • Check Labels: Upon buying products, read labels thoroughly to avoid hazardous ingredients like formaldehyde.
  • Go Natural: Apply environmentally friendly cleaning agents to minimize contact with hazardous chemicals which can be harmful to health during the cleaning of the house.
  • Support Detox: Make sure you maintain a healthy diet which has enough fibre, fruits, and vegetables, and drink water a lot to allow your body to detox itself.

Final Thoughts:

These strategies can, therefore, be incorporated into your day-to-day life routine, and in the end, you will have done your part in the fight against environmental toxins. As a reminder, Dr. Bismah at the Holistic Advanced Kidney Care Center should be your first stop whenever you experience any issue with your kidney health. Don’t wait, book an appointment right now!