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If you’re looking to book me for your podcast, blog, magazine, newspaper, or online event then I am more than happy to accommodate your request. As a highly experienced professional in the field of kidney health and wellness, I have many useful insights and strategies that can benefit your audience. My goal is to share my knowledge and motivation with as many people as possible.
Please feel free to contact me at support@drbismah.com if you have any questions or would like further information. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Nothing excites me more than being able to help people who are dedicated and determined to reach their health objectives. To me, this is truly the most gratifying experience. I am currently offering various programs that can help my clients achieve their goals. From customized kidney plans and individualized recommendations of comprehensive lifestyle guidance and wellness support. I am here to help my clients have the opportunity to learn how to make positive nutrition habits, adopt healthy lifestyle choices, and develop a better understanding of their kidney health needs. My group programs are tailored to meet each individual’s goals and provide them with the resources and tools necessary for success.

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