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At Kidney health MD, we’re honored to have made a difference in the lives of countless patients and to have collaborated with some of the most remarkable individuals in healthcare.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Here’s a glimpse into the positive impact we’ve had, as shared by some of the inspiring people we’ve had the privilege of working with.

What I love most about Dr. Irfan is that she is genuine and wants to really help me improve my kidneys. She has changed my life for better. I never thought that I could have my blood pressure controlled without any medications, especially when I have been having high blood pressure for more than 20yrs of my life even on 4 medications. I am grateful to Dr. Irfan for focusing on the root cause and helping to address it step by step.

A. West, 72yrs

Dr. Irfan is my Hero. I came to her after experiencing BP in the range on 200- 220mmHg and was allergic to most of the medications causing dizziness, leg swelling, palpitations and rash. My primary care tried to manage my blood pressure but was unable to help due to medication restriction. My experience with Dr. Irfan has been nothing short of a miracle. She is an excellent physician and very professional. I followed her recommendations and within 6 weeks my blood pressure was ranging between 120-130mmHg. I have never seen by BP being controlled so well. Thank you Dr. Irfan you are truly a healer I have been looking for my whole life.

K. Shawn, 66yrs

Thank you Dr. Irfan for helping me understand the science behind my diabetes. I never had a doctor in ever who was trying to reduce my medications on every visit. Almost all the doctors I have will start me on medication for any symptom and never talk about nutrition and lifestyle. My insulin requirements went down from 70 units to 12units and I am off sliding scale as well. Dr. Irfan is the only doctor who truly believes and practices in reversing chronic disease. Love and respect for what you do.

B. Larry, 62yrs

Dr. Bismah Irfan is great. She’s very knowledgeable, personable and helpful. I came to her with kidney disease caused by taking pain killer. With severe daily migraine making my life nonfunctional. I am thankful to my Neurologist who started me on pain killer. The sad part was that it caused kidney damage. Dr. Irfan was understanding, and she advised me to change my diet and lifestyle as the first steps and then encouraged me to decrease medication. Now I can proudly say my kidneys are back to normal and I still use pain killer but 2-3 times a week as opposed to taking daily. I feel grateful to have her as my doctor.

Pet. H, 42yrs

Extremely grateful to Dr. Irfan for her expertise and kind nature. I was so upset that I have kidney disease since last 20yrs and none of my doctors told me about it until 3 months ago. Dr.Irfan told me what to do. I trusted her despite of all the conflicting articles online. On my 3 month follow up she gave me the good news and showed me the labs that my kidneys, my prediabetes and cholesterol was all in normal range. I cant thank Dr. Irfan enough for taking time to explain everything. I am a happy guy at 63yrs.

Patel D, 63yrs

I have been following a nephrologist for more than 5 years, in this time slowly my kidneys were worsening, which is when I decided to switch care to Dr. Irfan. I am so grateful for her expertise in managing my Alports, syndrome. In less than a year I was able to improve my kidney function more than 20 points and the best part it, I have been able to maintain it. I wish Dr. Irfan to be my Doctor for life!!

Smith, 31yrs

I am lucky to have been referred to Dr. Irfan. From the first time to every follow up I have been more and more impressed by the vast depth of knowledge she has in regard to Kidney disease and Nutrition. She never rushes me and takes time to explain why she wants me to change my diet. In less than 3 months I was able to see improvement in my kidney function, which kept on improving until my kidneys were working more than 60% which is extremely good since I started at a level of 35%. I strongly and wholeheartedly recommend her to all my friends and family with kidney disease or high blood pressure.

K. Rob, 58yrs

I am 78yrs old and still remember my first visit with Dr. Irfan. I was in tears and refused dialysis. She through her excellent compassion calmed me down and gave me hope of improving kidney function. I followed her recommendations to the core and followed closely with her every 8 weeks. In over 9 months my kidneys from 15% improved to 45% by changing my diet and lifestyle. I no longer need to have dialysis I have never felt so much better and full of energy in my life. Dr. Irfan is a true gem and I keep her in my prayers.

Matthew 78yrs

A very good and caring Doctor. She always listens to me and includes me in decision making. I feel very confident in her management. I am so relived and happy to see my kidney improvement. I honestly feel it was because of Dr. Irfan knowing exactly how to treat me, I could not have come this far without her. In my opinion she is amazing!

S. Cath ,56yrs


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