“Knowledgeable and Expert in
treating kidney disease with

– S.A, Illinois

Ik vond 12 onderzoeken – geen van allen gefinancierd door de farmaceutische bedrijven zelf – waarin mannen uit verschillende landen beide medicijnen probeerden en vervolgens rapporteerden met welk medicijn ze verder gingen. Het was een shutout: Cialis 12, Viagra online kopen 0. En de 8.300 deelnemers gaven met een ruime marge de voorkeur aan Cialis – gemiddeld 3 tegen 1. In onderzoeken waarin ook het derde belangrijke erectiemiddel, Levitra (vardenafil), werd gebruikt, was Cialis zonder recept nog steeds aanzienlijk populairder dan beide concurrenten. Vrouwen geven ook de voorkeur aan Cialis. In vier onderzoeken waarin koppels eerst Viagra gebruikten en daarna Cialis (of omgekeerd), gaven de vrouwen een sterke voorkeur aan de laatste.

Welcome to Kidney Health MD – Your Ultimate Guide to Kidney Function & Wellness

Kidney Specialist Dr. Bismah pioneering protocol that merges state-of-the-art science, tailored medicine, and a rich array of healing traditions to tackle chronic kidney disease and rejuvenate your well-being. Embrace the forefront of medical advancements as we harness the power of personalized, comprehensive care to revolutionize the treatment of chronic kidney disease and empower you to reclaim your health.

Are You Struggling With:

  • How to increase kidney function?
  • What food is good for kidneys?
  • Improve Renal function naturally
  • How to takecare of your kidneys
  • You want to  stop kidney damage
  • Which medications help kidney function
  • What is the cause of chronic kidney disease?
  • And many other such questions. Then know that you are in the right place!!

Unlock the Secrets to Revitalizing Kidney Function by holistic kidney function

Discover the little-known techniques to improve kidney health, even if taking prescription medications or have struggled with them for years.

Why You Can Improve Kidney Function Without Drugs to Enhance Kidney Health?

There is a severe lack of a holistic approach to treating kidney disease and other autoimmune disorders. I became board certified as a Kidney specialist. I am also certified in Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Plant-based nutrition, Integrative Nutrition, and I’m now working towards Culinary Medicine. You can read my personal story here.

What I’ve learned through studying years of research is that natural remedies are effective. I have seen transformational results in hundreds of my people suffering from kidney disease. This holistic method can help you halt and repair kidney disease by focusing on nutrition, lifestyle factors, the immune system, inflammation, and other natural methods.

You are not always able to get Answers About Your Chronic Kidney Disease

I was shocked to discover that only 25% of medical schools in the United States require their students to take a nutrition course.

That’s why I had to research on my own. The good news is, stopping and reversing kidney disease is possible through diet and natural methods.

Maximize Kidney Health can help anyone who is…

  • Terrified of dialysis
  • Not sure what to eat
  • Fed up taking prescription pills
  • Doing everything right and yet kidney function is worsening

Your kidneys are natural organs. The Maximize Kidney Health program will teach you how to heal them using your body’s natural healing abilities.

Do you have any of the following kidney-related conditions? Maximize Kidney Health will help you stop the downward progression and reverse the trend.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

It doesn’t matter if you are in early or late-stage kidney disease. You’ll learn how to manage the symptoms and focus on long-term health and recovery.

Kidney Stones

Diet, excess body fat, various medical conditions, supplements, and medications can trigger painful kidney stones. Discover the foods that can break up and prevent kidney stones.

Lupus Nephritis

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes your immune system’s autoantibodies to attack the kidneys. It has the exact root cause of other diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

Sometimes called Acute Renal Failure (ARF), it can happen within a few days. It’s common in older patients who are in the hospital, in intensive care units.

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

PKD is usually an inherited disease in which clusters of cysts develop primarily within your kidneys. Lifestyle changes and treatments can help reduce damage to your kidneys.

Alport Syndrome and Other Kidney Issues

A.S. is another genetic condition. You can learn to control it along with high blood pressure and autoimmune disorders through diet and lifestyle choices.

“The use of traditional medicine is highly prevalent among CKD patients. Physicians commonly ignore or don’t ask patients about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices, which frequently reflect patient frustration
with modern medicine efficacy and price.”

– Journal of Renal Nutrition

“Rare combination of MD
meets Holistic Guru”

– P.A, Canada

Hi! I’m Dr. Bismah Irfan as Renal Doctor of Houston, and I’m going to show you how to create abundant health from the comfort of your home.

After years of medical school and becoming a medical doctor specializing in holistic kidney health, I was not satisfied with the current treatment methods. They mostly use synthetic medicines without discussing the benefits of natural methods, which have no side effects and are proven to improve kidney function.

I chose a different path, which combined science, physiology, and pathology from traditional medicine with lifestyle, functional, and culinary medicine modalities. I created a comprehensive transformational program that guarantees kidney function improvement. The course comes from studying hundreds of peer-reviewed journals, clinical trials, and other medical literature to develop this all-natural program.

The Maximize Your Kidney Health Program will show you step-by-step natural methods to lower your creatinine and urea nitrogen levels, increase kidney function, and prevent further damage in as little as 14 days!!

Book The Maximize Kidney Blueprint Call

Introducing a new Era of Kidney Health and Wellness!!

The kidneys usually don’t start to fail on their own. We address the underlying root cause such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or genetics, to name three.

Traditional doctors tend to prescribe pills to treat high blood pressure and cholesterol. But drugs create new side effects and don’t give your body the building blocks it needs to heal itself. And you need more pills for these new side effects. It is a vicious cycle!

We will connect you with a holistic kidney doctor near you who can address the root cause of your kidney problem and teach you exactly how to achieve optimal kidney health. These same methods and strategies that I used to overcome my illnesses have shown successful transformational results in hundreds of my clients.

Improve Kidney Health, The Course That Turns Back the Clock on Your Kidney Disease

You Won’t Live in Fear Anymore

Put your anxiety about your kidney health to rest. You will feel an extraordinary sense of empowerment knowing that you have taken your health into your own hands. You will have renewed hope for your kidney health and a better life.

14 days – A Short Time to Feel Positive Results

Two weeks is not that long, but it is enough time for most people to see significant improvements in their energy, kidney function, and overall health. You learn to consume only the elements that your body needs to renew itself without pills or side effects.

Proven Step-By-Step Diet and Natural Treatments

People who follow my program reduce creatinine levels, lower blood pressure, dissolve kidney stones, and other positive health benefits. Most never have to take a prescription or go through dialysis. They feel better than they have in years.

Full Support on Your Health Journey

I was on the same health path as you, looking for health beyond what the doctors were telling me. You can expect our full support during your healing journey. The course focuses on implementation, the application of food science, nourishment, and addressing specific kidney-related problems.

Your Kidneys Are Not the Only Organs That Improve

As your kidneys improve with diet and lifestyle changes, so do your other vital organs, such as your heart, brain, and liver. Everything in your body works together. Improving one area affects the rest.

Ready for embracing the transformation.

It is time to stop the progression of the disease and restore your kidney function to its maximum potential. Follow the program, and you will feel better and have more energy in less than 14 days. Elevate your Health & Well Being to a new level of excellence.

Everything You Need to Stop
Kidney Disease!

As a physician, I understand that everyone’s health is unique. People don’t respond or react to the same treatment in the same way. For this reason, we include transformative mindset strategies as part of our therapy. Transformational coaching helps change the way kidney patients see themselves and their condition. The right mindset can do wonders to help the body heal.

Diet is also a crucial part of your therapy. You’ll have a personalized diet plan and gain insight into the foods and beverages you consume and their relation to your kidney function. You’ll receive recipes to help you stop kidney disease progression and maximize your kidney health.

At Kidney Health MD we naturally support your body and kidneys so that they start healing. Remember, when following others who are not Kidney experts, you risk your kidney health because many herbal/Ayurvedic supplements contain heavy metals that harm the kidneys.

“Truly she is a Kidney Expert who
actually cares”

– S.K, New York

You’ll Experience Positive Results In Just 14 Days

Learn about the many nutrients that can improve your energy, delay kidney disease, and allow you to live a better quality of life. Due to lack of nutrition and functional training, rarely does any conventional kidney doctor follow these recommendations
Improve kidney function to its maximum potential. Although nothing can restore dead kidney cells, the Maximize Kidneys program preserves the kidney cells you have left and improves their health and function using natural methods.
All-in-One healing modalities that boost mental focus with the application of food science and nourishment. You’ll receive learning and implementation advice from the kidney expert, a highly specialized functional kidney dietitian, plus accountability and implementation from a transformational mindset coach.
This course has empowered hundreds of people to reduce their dependence on drugs and doctors. By making better lifestyle choices, they stopped their kidney disease from becoming worse and adopted a healing, positive attitude.

We Are Ready To Take You Step-by-Step From The Root Cause of Your Kidney Disease to Maximizing Kidney Health Using The Revolutionary 5R Framework

Foundation #1


Our primary focus begins with cleaning up our internal and external environments by removing all the items that produce undesirable results
Foundation #2


A vital function of the kidney is to cleanse the blood of toxins and transform the waste into urine. Here we focus on replacing natural nutrients in our body that will support the healing process.
Foundation #3


It is critical to focus on decreasing the inflammation in your body and kidneys, which is vital in restoring your health and repairing your kidneys.
Foundation #4


We concentrate on developing and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. A healthy digestive tract is essential for proper kidney function.
Foundation #5


Here, we focus on bringing the body back into balance, allowing it to thrive, which significantly affects our kidney health. This step is vital in taking kidneys from a diseased state to a state of wellness.

“Best kept secret the one and only Dr. Irfan”

– – R. J, London

6 Common Myths About Healing Your
Kidneys Naturally

Myth # 1 – “I’ve tried everything.”

We hear this excuse over and over again. Many patients feel like they’ve done everything they can to get better.

That’s rarely the case. Most people don’t know the root cause of their kidney problems. I can safely guarantee there are many aspects of your health that have not been tried.

Myth # 2 – “If this worked, my doctor would know about it.”

Typically, most kidney doctors practice Allopathic or conventional medicine. They are usually unaware of other methods or lack preventive and nutrition training.

Our program includes all the healing modalities from Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Medicine, Culinary Medicine, Kidney Medicine, and Internal Medicine. Our goal is to improve kidney function and decrease pill burden by addressing the root cause at the cellular level- which is not part of conventional medicine.

Myth # 3 – “I don’t have time.”

Being ill and sitting in waiting rooms are a big waste of time. We believe that being healthy is one of the best ways for you to free up more time.

To make the most of your time, we have the convenience of weekly learning implementation video modules that you can listen to on the go from your phone by downloading an app

Myth # 4 – “It is expensive.”

In reality, Maximize Kidney Health is the most affordable form of healthcare on the planet, especially when you consider that most patients spend more money in their lifetime in the allopathic/conventional model managing a disease or symptoms without ever truly healing.

Something covered by your insurance company does not make it cheaper, especially if you never get better.

Myth # 5 – “I can heal my kidneys myself.”

Yes, you can find plenty of information online. But do you have the years to devote to gathering it? Do you have the training and the knowledge to use it? Are you confident that the information online will help you?

The Maximize Kidney Health program simplifies and streamlines everything for you and has success stories of hundreds of patients who were able to improve kidney function. Several of them were able to reverse kidney disease.

Myth # 6 - “I feel fine. I don’t have kidney pain or problem making urine.”

Kidney disease is silent. Many people don’t have any symptoms until their kidney disease is advanced and the kidneys are already severely damaged. Blood and urine tests are the only way to diagnose kidney disease for sure.

If you already have been diagnosed, get started with my program while it can still help you. Waiting too long can cause significant irreversible damage where your only options will be dialysis or a transplant.

When a person gives in to the notion that they “tried everything,” subconsciously, they set themselves up for failure. They begin to believe that they can do nothing else.

Kidney Health MD focuses on addressing the root causes of your kidney health issues. We won’t let you give up. Because you’ll have a plan that helps you get better. Your body can self-heal with the correct nutrition, optimal dose of nutrition, and other factors

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Irfan for her expertise and kind nature.
I was so upset that I had kidney disease for the last 20 years, but none of my doctors told me about it until three months ago. Dr. Irfan told me what to do. On my three-month follow-up, she gave me the good news and showed me the labs that my kidneys, prediabetes, and cholesterol were all in a normal range. I can’t thank Dr. Irfan enough for taking the time to explain everything. I am a happy 63-year-old guy– T.H, Illinois

I am 78 years old. When I met Dr. Irfan, my kidneys were working only 15%.

I was in tears, but I refused dialysis. She calmed me down and started coaching me, and within nine months, my kidneys were back to functioning at 45%.

After following a nephrologist for more than 5 years, my kidneys were steadily worsening. I found Dr. Irfan, and I am grateful for her expertise in managing my Alport’s syndrome. In less than a year, my kidney functions improved by more than 20 points. The best part is that I have been able to maintain it. – I.S, Ohio

Dr. Irfan is my Hero. I came to her after experiencing BP in the range of 200-220mmHg
and was allergic to most of the medications causing dizziness, leg swelling, palpitations, and rash. My primary care tried to manage my blood pressure but was unable to help due to medication restrictions. My experience with Dr. Irfan’s course has been nothing short of a miracle. I followed her recommendations, and within six weeks, my blood pressure was ranging between 120-130mmHg. My BP has never been better. Thank you, Dr. Irfan. – D. K, Michigan

When it comes to your kidneys, you
have two choices…

Option #1

Book free Maximize Kidney Function Blueprint Call. It may mean a new way of life for you and a healthier future without drugs and dialysis.

Option #2

Do what you have been doing. Do you see positive results? Are you taking medication, and does it give you side effects? If it’s not working, consider option #1.

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