Ready to get started on personalized holistic kidney care?

Dr. Bismah’s Proven process for Kidney Health and Wellness addresses the underlying reason your kidneys are affected

Kidney Health MD is for you if…

  • You want to address the underlying cause of your kidney disease
  • You want to utilize natural holistic methods whenever possible
  • You are looking to improve kidney function
  • You want to be empowered and educated
  • You are tired of traditional healthcare and are looking for integrative comprehensive kidney care
  • You want to avoid medication side effects

We help with:

Chronic kidney disease

Autoimmune Kidney issues

Acute Kidney disease

Kidney Transplant

Kidney stones

Recurrent UTI

Polycystic kidney disease

Kidney Pain

All Kidney ailments


At Kidney Health MD, we endeavor to provide the best possible healthcare for your kidney needs. We understand that feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn for help is a common experience, so we strive to make sure you feel supported every step of the way by giving you all the information you need and taking the guesswork out of kidney medicine. Your healing journey will begin with a maximize kidney function blueprint call, which you can schedule below.

Identify Your Health Challenges

To help us learn more about you after you sign up, you’ll fill out the proprietary questionnaires that are designed to give us a thorough understanding of your health challenges in your past, as well as your current issues. This will allow Dr. Irfan to holistically understand your unique situation. We will then discuss with you and get to know more about your symptoms, goals, lifestyle habits, and various other factors that help us get to the root of how we can help you.

Personal Health Plan

With the knowledge about your history and your goals, we’ll develop your personal Health Plan to guide us along your healing journey. Unlike traditional nephrology, which often just prescribes pills to treat symptoms without addressing the root cause, we take a unique kidney-body approach to heal the underlying issues that cause symptoms. We believe in using the least toxic, most effective solutions. It is all customized to support your specific type of kidney ailment.

Nurture Your Growth

We offer weekly health coaching for all active patients in our program, which is an important contributor to why our patients are able to make such incredible progress through accountability and added support. You’ll have regular check-ins with Dr. Bismah. Additionally, we will try to make each step on your healing journey a seamless one.

Ongoing Follow Up

Think of us as your partner in lifelong kidney health. About 2 to 4 weeks after your evaluation, you’ll have a follow-up appointment —we will discuss how well you are doing on your personalized maximize kidney program and address any remaining questions or concerns you may have. We are here for you to provide ongoing assistance with therapy, integrative medicine, medication, nutritional supplements, and more.

Help You Thrive

Once you have accomplished your health goals, we’ll work together to make a plan for maintaining your health. Your check-ins will be less frequent. Treatment Plans can vary from 3 to 6 months, with options to continue beyond that based on your goals and measure of success. We like to stay at the forefront of innovative research and changing medical news, so you will always have a trusted source for health and wellness information through our emails, webinars, social channels, and articles.


At Kidney Health MD, we have revolutionized the way kidney health conditions are understood and treated. Our comprehensive approach focuses on individual needs and recognizes that each patient is unique. With a database of over 1000 patients, we have been able to identify various root causes associated with various types of kidney health problems – enabling us to provide the answers you are looking for.


Please be assured that all information you provide is confidential. Throughout your healing journey, we strive to support you by offering quiet attention-focused healing of the body, mind and spirit.


Are you ready to make a change that will lead to a happier, healthier life? When you have healthy kidneys, your whole life can be enhanced—your career, your grades, your relationships, and even your mood can all improve.

Book The Maximize Kidney Blueprint Call

Meeting with Dr. Irfan is an important step in your journey to improving your kidney health. Together, you and Dr. Irfan can explore the options available to support your healing journey and reach the goals that you have set out for yourself.

Please come prepared with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your diagnosis or treatment plan. This way, you and Dr. Irfan can work together to create a personalized plan designed specifically for your needs and lifestyle.

Most importantly, remember that this appointment is meant for you – it is a chance for you to gain clarity about where you stand in terms of kidney health and what steps should be taken next in order for you to feel more confident about taking control of your health and well-being.

75min Initial Comprehensive Call with the option of Inperson or Virtual Visit : $720

* Sorry we no longer offer Free Consults anymore. If you have a question call or text us at +1 (281) 394 0238


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are labs and supplements included in the program?
No. Everyone has a different combination of causes, which means that the supplements & labs they need are going to be different.
How much should I budget for labs and supplements?
We recommend that you budget an average of $500 per month (range $200-600/per month) for supplements and labs. A lot of it depends on where you are in the program.
Do you take insurance for payment?
No, unfortunately insurance does not compensate us for the work we do.
Will your program work for me even if I'm not in the United States?
Yes! In addition to our store in the United States, we also have supplement and laboratory stores in the United Kingdom, European Union, and New Zealand.
Why don't you prescribe medications anymore? You're an MD, correct?

Yes, I am an MD, but in order to help people across state and national lines I have chosen to operate as a health coach. So you’re able to get all of my functional, homeopathy, nutrition lifestyle, and kidney medicine MD knowledge even when we live in different states (and countries). I also found that there is a natural option for everything and consequently I don’t need to prescribe medications anymore. However, I can be your doctor if you are in the States of Texas, Ohio, or Florida.

Why are all of your visits online over video conferencing (zoom) and the internet?

In order to fulfill my purpose of helping more than a million people improve their kidney health worldwide, I have to be able to help people across the world over the Internet. With that said, I do have a medical office in Houston. Available by appointment only

Address 12000 Richmond Ave, Suite 348, Houston, Texas.

Is the program interactive and can I ask Bismah questions?
Yes, the program is very interactive. You get 1-on-1 calls, group calls, and access to the the community where Bismah and her health coaches answer your questions directly within 2 business days.
Your program definitely looks like it has helped lots of people, so why haven't other doctors heard of it?
Unfortunately, conventional doctors learn very little about functional, root cause medicine, nutrition in medical school, and many of the main causes of kidney disease are related to heavy metals, chemicals, molds, and infections. Natural and functional medicine doctors are great but are usually generalists who are focused on other illnesses and are not aware of all of the causes of Kidney disease. I have this knowledge because I have done additional training in kidney medicine and natural holistic methods. I have also focused on learning about every potential cause of kidney disease and how to resolve it.
Why are your prices so high?
Our prices may seem high, but when compared with other functional medicine providers, you will find that they are very reasonable. And we have the additional specialization, experience and training to help you find and address all of your causes of kidney related diseases.

Whenever you look at the pricing of a program, you want to look at whether the outcome you are going to achieve is worth the investment.

When you choose to work with us, you’re making an investment in your health. An investment that pays you back because when you optimize your health, you will be able to do things in your life that you weren’t able to do before. Perhaps you will have the energy to do better at work, have more fun with your family, be able to travel or maybe we decrease your risk for a heart attack or stoke and you’re able to live longer.

Do I still need a primary care provider when I work with you?
Absolutely. I operate as a coach in the online environment and dont practice primary care.