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Ready to learn about daily foods that lead to Kidney Damage?

Kidney Guide: Stop Kidney Damage

9 foods that are secretly damaging your kidneys

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This guide along with video lesson will show you how simple everyday foods, are putting your kidneys at risk of worsening and creating inflammation. So you can finally learn why your kidneys are worsening even when you are following the Kidney Diet.

Join my hand in setting yourself free from the daily damage for good.


In this important eBook, you’ll discover:

  • Which foods hurt the kidney cells and leads to heart disease
  • Type of food that has high acid load and leads to the weakening of bones
  • Foods that increase inflammation in the kidneys
  • Foods that may contribute to rapid weight gain
  • Foods that fuel the same pathways that drive addiction
  • Ingredients that have been linked with a worsening kidney disease
  • Improve kidney health without overwhelm

Why You Can Improve Kidney Function Without Drugs, even with CKD

There is a severe lack of a holistic approach to treating kidney disease and other autoimmune disorders. I became board certified as a Kidney specialist.  I am also certified in Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Medicine, Plant-based nutrition, Integrative Nutrition, and I’m now working towards Culinary Medicine.

What I’ve learned through studying years of research is that natural remedies are effective.  I have seen transformational results in hundreds of my people suffering from kidney disease.

The first step is stopping the ongoing damage, because if you are doing everything right, but still unknowingly damaging your kidneys, then you will not be able to improve kidney function.


Hi! I’m Dr. Irfan, and I’m going to show you how to create abundant health from the comfort of your home.

After years of medical school and becoming a medical doctor specializing in kidney health, I was not satisfied with the current treatment methods. They mostly use synthetic medicines without discussing the benefits of natural methods, which have no side effects and are proven to improve kidney function.

I chose a different path, which combined science, physiology, and pathology from modalities of traditional Kidney Medicine with lifestyle, functional, culinary medicine, plant-based nutrition, and integrative nutrition.

Kidney Health MD
Houston, TX